Purchasing Prints

Purchase of prints or digital copies from Captivating Shots

Thank you for taking an interest in purchasing my photos.
For the finishing on the prints from experience I’d recommend the Semigloss for all sizes, but if you’d rather opt for a different finish please
let me know when you email me.

All my prints are provided with a signed label that includes the image title.

For digital copies, please indicate the size of the longest side you require eg. 1920 width for landscape shots or 1920 height for portrait shots. All digital copies are available only in 72dpi resolution.

Please indicate which photo (either title or permalink to the photo post) that you would like to purchase

Size (inches) $ (AUD)
12 x 8″ $95.00
18 x 12″ $130.00
Digital Copy -72dpi (with watermark)
Up to Full HD (1920 x 1080) $50.00 – $300
50% of original camera output(D300, D700 and D800 only) $350.00 – $500.00


Postage and Packaging $(AUD)
Print Size (inches) Within Australia1 Worldwide2
12 x 8″ $10.00 $30.00
18 x 12″ and above
(single print)
$20.00 $50.00
Digital copy via email Free Free
1) sent via normal postage
2) sent via air mail unless noted
all prints 12 x 8″ and above are posted in cardboard tubes
Shipping prices subjected to change without notice

Payment :

  • For purchases within Australia, payments are by Bank Transfers.
  • For international purchases, my preferred payment method is PayPal, payable to cheesiang(@) fifthoctober.com
    As PayPal is secure, fast, accepts all major credit cards; but if
    you prefer other modes of payment please check with me first.
  • Also, please note that I prefer that payments are made in Australian Dollars (AUD), so If you’re unsure of how much that will be in your local currency please visit xe.com’s Universal Currency Converter prior to ordering.

Colour matching :

  • I will try to produce prints that closely resemble the on-screen
    version. However, due to the characteristics of prints and monitors are fundamentally different, and therefore a 100% match isn’t always possible.
  • Please Calibrate your monitor as to get an accurate rendering of colors and tones. Thanks!

Copyright :

  • When you purchase a print of an image or a digital copy from Captivating Shots, you are provided with the actual print or digital copy , and granted the right to display the print for viewing for non-commercial purposes.
  • When prints are displayed, my watermark must not be obstructed from view by any means.
  • However, unless specifically authorised, you may not scan, duplicate, copy, publish, or otherwise utilise the image(s) in any manner without prior written authorisation – you will own the print, not the rights to the original image.
  • Digital Copies – Above rules apply and inclusive of no alteration of the digital photo to remove my water mark or make it less visible.

I still have some …

  • If there’s anything I’ve not covered, or anything else you would
    like to ask, please
    contact me